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Intelligent public procurement law – Precise. Customized. Future-orientated.

In the complex web of regulations and constant changes in public procurement law, you face the challenge of always having to find the best solution. Our experienced team, supported by modern technology, will guide you through this complex matter.

Our specialised law firm stands for innovation in harmony with proven expertise. We have made it our mission to combine modern tools with deep-rooted specialist knowledge in order to achieve customised solutions for our clients in public procurement law.

We also use the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence as an integral part of our legal advice, always bearing in mind that any technology is only as good as the expertise that verifies and guides it. AI tools are advanced, but we recognise that they are not unfailing.

That's why we rely on the interaction of:

  • Human understanding: Our experienced lawyers bring in their deep understanding of procurement law to ensure that analyses and solutions meet our high standards.
  • Technological support: We also use AI to optimise processes and process information faster, making our clients more effective.
  • Careful scrutiny: We scrutinise every solution. This ensures that our advice reflects the quality and reliability for which our firm is known.
  • Continuous development: We are constantly working to improve our processes and adapt them to the dynamic changes in public procurement law and technology in order to eliminate delays and risks as far as possible.

We are not only practitioners, but also source of ideas in public procurement law. With extensive publications and numerous lectures, including in the field of public procurement law and AI, we actively contribute to the development of this specialised field.

Take advantage of Braun & Zwetkow as your partner and benefit from advice that puts human expertise first and is intelligently enhanced by technical solutions.

Get in touch with us and experience how we can use our expertise to create real added value for you.

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